About Us

What do we do?

Generate a window of opportunity for the development of productive alternatives that practice sustainable and profitable agriculture, based on a solidarity business cooperative model, which allows us to live with dignity.
We work on the cultivation of cocoa, its diversification with other crops, and activities as the main alternative for the development of our associates, improving their technological and associative capacities, proposing alternatives to the extractive context of natural resources (gold, wood and others).
We work to rescue the diversity of native wild cacao to value its nutritional and aromatic attributes, being threatened with extinction due to the development of extractive activities in the basins of the Madre de Dios rivers, where these native plants may be the origin of cacao in the world, generating a culture of sustainable management for our community.
We seek joint development that combines at a strategic level the sustainable, the business and the cooperative, to ensure efficient management, financial management and access to the market in competitive conditions on the basis of a responsible participation of the partners in all the business cycle of the cooperative.
We strengthen the abilities and capacities of children in educational institutions, generating safe spaces for cognitive, emotional and social development with the participation of authorities, children, and the population.

Who are we?

We are a cooperative of small Peruvian producers located in the area of Santa Rita, district of Inambari department of Madre de Dios, our work is different because many of our associates have migrated to this part of the Amazon attracted by resources, however, this Union of cultures brought together many producers to decide to move away from extractive activities. To start working on the valuation of available resources through the development of productive activities; as an alternative to the sustainable development of their families, their community.

The responsible path for the development of our community and its environment.

Since 2013, with the support of TERRE DES HOMMES SUISSE, the project to Strengthen the cultivation of aromatic and native wild cacao was started, to generate safe environments for Children and Adolescents, in the context of informal and illegal mining.

The proposal of the Agrobosque cooperative expresses the interest of many farmers in generating an alternative to the sustainable development of the Inambari district. We are dedicated to the cultivation, processing and commercialization of cocoa, its derivatives and other agricultural products with organic, fair trade and social responsibility certification.

We seek to provide a healthy alternative for food, in a responsible, sustainable way, with fair treatment and trade; and in this way be a window of opportunities for the sustainable development of our community.

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The purpose of the Agrobosque cooperative

Educate and organize the man of the field on the basis of agricultural activity and other related activities (such as agroforestry, livestock, transformation, commercialization, aquaculture, and others) so that, through mutual aid, education, associativity, management, science , and technology; promote economic and social development in a harmonious, equitable way and in balance with nature to achieve the well-being of its members and the community.


We are an agricultural cooperative of services that works to give maximum value to its partners, employees and clients, through the production, transformation and commercialization of organic products.


By 2025, it will be an agricultural and agro-industrial export cooperative, practicing sustainable and financially profitable agriculture.

Our values

We apply our values in a specific way with each of those involved





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Scope of Action

We are an entrepreneurship that seeks to provide a healthy alternative of food, in a responsible, sustainable way, with fair treatment and trade and, in this way, to be a window of opportunities for the sustainable development of our community.

Our scope of action is the communities of Santa Rita, Santa Rosa, Puerto Trujillo, Ponal, Centromin, Primavera, Alto Libertad, Sarayacu and Virgen de la Candelaria in which we have partners.

Our History

On November 11, 2005, 19 producers were organized, constituting an associative organization «ASSOCIATION OF AGROFORESTAL PRODUCERS OF MADRE DE DIOS» AGRO-BOSQUE «, whose purpose was to undertake agricultural initiatives that allow generating sustainable productive opportunities in agroforestry systems, installing tropical fruits with forest species. In 2012, due to the growing demand for cocoa, we decided to venture into the cultivation of native (wild) cocoas and identified aromatic clones.

In order to strengthen a responsible social and business culture, COOPERATIVA AGRARIA DE SERVICIOS CACAO FINO AGROBOSQUE (COOPERATIVA AGROBOSQUE) was founded on December 5, 2013, with 30 associated families, who undertook the development of the cocoa cultivation chain , where we seek the joint and sustainable development of our community with a supportive business model, based on honesty and mutual collaboration.

We currently have 64 associated families (19 women and 45 men), we have installed 250 hectares of cocoa with Fair Trade certification (FLO) and in a process of reconversion of the crops towards organic practice.