Internship and exchange of experiences

We provide an exchange of experiences for producers interested in sharing experiences in cocoa cultivation, certification and cooperativism.

Training and technical support

It is a service that we provide to our associates for the cultivation of cocoa through field schools, technological internships and exchange of experiences between producers in the area.

Our producers receive training in cocoa farming management, pruning, pest and disease control, fertilization, reforestation, harvest and certification to improve productivity.

Experiential or community tourism

It is an activity that the Agrobosque cooperative raises with the families that work in the cultivation of native wild cacao; a role that they have been playing in the sustainable management and management of their areas.

The producers are located in the buffer zone of the Tambopata reserve. They arise, as an economic alternative for rural, peasant, indigenous, mestizo or afro-descendant communities typical of a country, to generate income complementary to daily economic activities, defend, revalue local cultural and natural resources.

Microcredit funds

To leverage the financing of our associates, the cooperative provides funds for small microcredits ranging from USD $150.00 to USD $1,000.00; This makes it possible to cover the costs of handling, supplies and tools in the cultivation of cocoa, diversification of other crops such as banana, cocona and other products.